Catching up on: Sewing and Knitting

During New Year’s eve, I’m the type of girl who sits home with their family and watches TV until its 12 am. I watch some fireworks, and go to bed as early as possible. I’m not the party girl that stays up drinking ‘till 4 am, and never have been. I tried it out, but it wasn’t my kind of deal. So I settled with fun nights in and good dinner, while playing UNO with my grandparents.

After our annual happenings – all mentioned above – my grandma saw me working on a DIY embroidery kit I got for Christmas. I struggled with the patch because it was hard as shit. But I’m persistent, so I wanted to finish it. ‘Wait up a minute, I think I have a piece of cloth to work on,’ She told me as she worked her way through the old rags in her cabin. She magically pulled out a big table-cloth with a stitching pattern, brand new. I was so glad to have a smooth platform to work on. Now, a week later, almost 1/4th of my cloth is done I’m actually glad I catched up on sewing. It’s a nice distraction when my migraine is really bad and I can’t watch TV or use anything else electronic. I’m already thinking about getting an embroidery patch and draw my own designs, and even knitting a scarf!


In the photo you can see

  • my table-cloth, which now is 1/4th finished (the flowers and branches are done),
  • my sewing supplies
  • this cute kitty box I got on sale.

Hope you liked this post. That’s all for now!